Limits of Collaboration: The Revolution of the Geniuses or the Downfall in Middlingness

Attractor: Manuela Naveau

I observed a dramatic proliferation of the use of participative, open creative processes in the production of artistic works in recent years. According to Susanne Jaschko and Lucas Evers’ “el proceso como paradigma / process as paradigm” exhibition at LABoral, Gijon/Spain (2010) and their statement in the accompanying catalog, two factors are responsible for the fact that, today, access to and participation in works of art is on the rise: on one hand, the art system has been destabilized by the absence of structures with respect to authorship as well as simple structures with respect to copyright; on the other hand, a general shift from passive partaker to “involved agent” is evident throughout the art world.[1]

But this „involved agent“- syndrom is not only existing in the artworld. People are nowadays used to share, comment and vote on information via social media platforms and stand for or against something, which they like to express. On the other hand many people are only driven by the prominence of their digital ego, represented by a well shaped and constructed identity over the internet. The borders between public and private, champion and dabbler are blurred.

Methodology: Main goal on a meta-level is to collaboratively think, speak and research on the topic limits of collaboration. I would set up a new platform of Ars Wild Card and I would equip members of the research group with the App and would like to begin to collect relevant information due to our common topic via this system. It should succeed as a book of information and contributions to a topic and is the base for the conference that will then take place.

Biography: Manuela Naveau lives and works in Linz, Austria. Since completing her studies at Linz Art University, she has worked as an artist and curator in Austria and abroad since 1997. She returned to Linz in 2003 to assume curatorial and project management responsibilities at Ars Electronica. In collaboration with Gerfried Stocker, artistic director of Ars Electronica Linz GmbH, Manuela Naveau developed the Ars Electronica Export division, which she has headed since its inception. In addition to curating, producing and placing Ars Electronica exhibitions at museums and institutions worldwide, her interest is focused on the manifold manifestations of contemporary artistic practice. Manuela Naveau is currently working on “Crowd & Art”; her PhD thesis research investigates new forms of internet-based participation in the artistic process and their influence on artistic practice that is currently in a phase of flux.