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21 Streams of Interest with 28 Attractors behind them.

These streams of interest are subject to (long-term) collaborative research synergies and should aim at outputs such as on-line and off-line discussions (before, during and after the conference), curated panels, roundtables, workshops and/or collections of papers. Attractors are welcome to encourage individual and collective submissions of abstracts and full papers in order to sustain focused interdisciplinary conversations (“mutalogues”) that can develop the(ir) streams of interest.

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(Alphabetical order per title)

Addressing the Future: The Tactics of Uncertainty
By Claudia Westermann

Keywords: Future; Tactics; Art; Design; Science

Balance-Unbalance: Can the Arts Help to Save the World?
By Ricardo Dal Farra

Keywords: Art cognition/action; Environmental crisis; Economic uncertainty; Political complexity

Beyond Disciplinary Guidelines
By Georg Russegger

Keywords: Practice-based research; Socio-cultural self-organization; Sustainability; Playfulness; Eco-friendliness

Beyond Uncertainty
By Roberta Buiani & Jim Ruxton

Keywords: Biology; Politics; Physics; Uncertainty principle; Instrument/means

Blueprints for the Unknown
By David Benqué

Keywords: Synthetic Biology; Speculative Design; Mutation

Confronting the Bacterial Sublime: Whole Genome Sequencing, Microbiology and Bioart
By Anna Dumitriu

Keywords: Genomics; Bacteria; Bioart; Sublime; Complexity; Bioinformatics

Crossbreeding Sensibilities
By Franco Torriani

Keywords: Flux; Doubt; Pain; Hybrid; Embodiment

Nomadic Science BioHackLab
By Marc R. Dusseiller

Keywords: Citizen science; Mobile labs; DIYbio; Hacking

Examining Networks of Power
By Owen Mundy

Keywords: Networks; Power; Data; Politics

Extreme Metabolic Interactions: Cooking for Apocalypse
By Denisa Kera

Keywords: Food; Apocalypse: HCI; Design; Cooking

Liminal Lives: Life in the Age of Permanent Bio-transgression
By Maciej Ozog & Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

Keywords: Life; Transgression; Hybrid; Posthuman; Bioart

Limits of Collaboration: The Revolution of the Geniuses or the Downfall in Middlingness
By Manuela Naveau

Keywords: Limits of collaboration; Quality of collectives; Massive reliance on non-professionals or semi-pros (champion vs. dabbler); Empowerment of the public, Increase of political anxiety; The prominence of the ego vs. involved agents

Mutual or Mutant: Where or When Is My Education?
By Nina Czegledy

Keywords: Changing models & future of education

Nanotechnology: Instability in an Unpredictable Milieu
By Paul Thomas & Edward A. Shanken & Mike Phillips & Frederik De Wilde

Keywords: Nanotechnology; Art; Science; Materiality; Measurement

Neurogenetic Media: From Research Tool to New Art Applications
By Aleksander Valjamae

Keywords: Neurogenetics; Imaging genetics; Neurocinema; Enactive cinema; BCI

Philosophical Toys Today
By Tomáš Dvořák
Keywords: Philosophical toys; philosophical instruments; Scientific experiments; Popularization of science

Scholars and/as Writers
By Radim Hladik

Keywords: Sciences; Creative writing; Boundary-work; Rhetoric; Metaphors

Secure Insecurity
By Robert B. Lisek

Keywords: Terrorism; Security; Code; Capital; Complexity theory

Space Culturalisation
By Miha Turšič

Keywords: Diplomatic crisis practices, Crisis management, Cultural Space Program, Composite Art&Science

Time and Technology
By Christian de Lutz & Regine Rapp
Keywords: Technology; Progress; Alienation; Time perception; Internet immersion

Vegetal Sensoria
By Monika Bakke
Keywords: Plant neurobiology, Art|design|architecture & plants, GM plants, Human-plant ethics, Ethnobotany

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