Space Culturalisation










Attractor: Miha Turšič

Existing Supraorganisms of Space Programs focus on development of vast technological phenotype for utilization of close-to-far surroundings. This focus gradually separates its connections with its cognitive core – human individual and produces non-articulated impact on human culture. With Cultural Space Program we focus on understanding of an individual in relation to the human accessible space. We study cultural dimension of space programs and develop composite diplomatic protocols between art and science practices.

Methodology: With uniquely designed Cultural Space Program we re-focus space programs formations. We encourage understanding of human role in accessible space (beside deep space and home planet), development of human individual (beside usable technologies) and understanding (beside usability).

Biography: Miha Turšič is not a designer because he wants to build his own tangible landscape, to be a part of the magnificent capital-driven production of products. No! Categorically differently: exploiting his profound talent, he designs ideas about the human being and the feeling of being human in weightless environments. He is co-founder of Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies ( and member of Postgravityart group.