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CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies (since 1998) is an interdisciplinary platform for research, creation, education and presentation activities featuring creative interactions of arts, sciences and emerging technologies. During the last 14 years CIANT has established productive collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centres as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic.

CIANT is a non-governmental non-profit civic association that invites artists, scientists, researchers, curators, and arts managers to get involved in various formats of short- and long-term exploratory research, production and dissemination activities on both local and international level. With an assistance of public and private funding CIANT initiates and implements projects and initiatives that aim to transfer knowledge among different creative and research domains while resulting in concrete outcomes such as interactive applications prototypes, new software and hardware integrations or take a form of artworks.

CIANT activities and events have strong laboratory and educational character, and include festivals, exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, conferences as well as archiving initiatives.

! “Winner of over 30 EU-funded grants in research & development, culture, media, mobility and education”

! “2010 European Ambassador of Culture (awarded by the European Commission)”


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