New Stage of the Czech National Theatre is a partner of the conference.

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic | Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies at the Institute of Philosophy will co-organize and host several panels and publish selected papers in Theory of Science | Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science.

Planetary Collegium will run a composite session and will be publishing selected papers in Technoetic Arts | Journal of Speculative Research.

Scientific link: School of Complex Systems at the University of South Bohemia (via Prof. Dalibor Stys) will run a parallel programme/workshop dedicated to the internal variables of complex self-organized systems and their relation to multi-fractal spectra.

Educational link: MutaMorphosis is a targeted resource of Hybrid Media course at Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis, USA, thanks to the efforts of Assistant Professor Monika Weiss.

Other collaborating partners are Neural, NoemaLab (via Pier Luigi Capucci | organizing discussions and writing about the conference) and Digcult (via Silvia Scaravaggi, member of “Digicult Authors Network” | conducting and publishing a series of interviews, before and during the event, and via Roberta Buiani, member of “Digicult Editorial Board” | organizing off-line and on-line discussions).

The conference is organized in the framework of several international research and cultural projects, incl. Arscope, ArtistTalk, HybriCity,  CATCH, StudioLab, Soft Control, S3D World and others, with support of the EU programmes Culture, Media Mundus and 7th Framework, and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

The events at New Stage of Czech National Theatre are dedicated to HybriCity project.

Call for partnerships is open. Contact us!